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We are more aware than ever before with ever increasing funeral costs, the advantages of advance funeral arrangements, with the option of payment provides an excellent opportunity to have one’s private wishes carried out in detail.

A single payment can be made or payment in stages to suit. Arrangements can also be made with no payment at all – leaving you with complete peace of mind and relieving your family of the many stressful decisions that have to be made at such a difficult time. Our scheme is private and is an experienced approach to pre-arranged funerals with no lengthy form filling. Your investment is set up in a trust fund and deposited in a local branch bank.

This enables us to agree the funeral cost with the benefit of our moderate charges and fully protecting you against future increases. William and Martin will be pleased to visit your home or meet with you at our Funeral Home Office for a confidential discussion with full guidance throughout, explaining all aspects and advantages of our funeral arrangements in advance, with of course no obligation.

Funeral Planning Direct with William T Fraser & Son

Our funeral plan offers an unique opportunity to secure, in advance, a funeral plan direct with us, the funeral directors. There are no third party costs, therefore passing the saving on to you.


Funeral Wishes

Our Funeral Wishes form is a free checklist that allows you to write down and safely keep all of your personal funeral preferences. You can use this form to have a chat with your loved ones about your own funeral, as we know it can be a hard topic for some to approach. Once completed, you can send it to us, where we will draft up a document for you to keep and thereafter update as many times as you like.

We will also give you a copy for your next of kin. This is all done at no cost while still providing you with peace of mind and reassurance for the future.

Here in your time of need.

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