Overseas and UK Repatriation Services

We offer a full overseas and UK repatriation service to ensure that your loved one is safely returned home as soon as is practically possible. We can arrange for the deceased person to be returned home from any overseas country. We will then collect the coffin from any UK port or airport.

National regulations and certain conditions or restrictions can vary greatly in different countries and for this reason we will liaise between the Foreign Office, the Home Office, foreign embassies and consulates, coroners and other Government departments to ensure that all documentation relating to inward (or outward) repatriation is speedily completed. The vast majority of overseas repatriations are by air.

We will organise a flight and the next of kin and funeral director (if overseas) will be advised of the time of arrival of the coffin. We have many important points of contact with funeral directors and Embassy personnel in most overseas countries, and as a family business we are very proud to be able to guarantee that you will receive our personal attention at all times.

Here in your time of need.

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List of Repatriation Services

We are also in a position to provide a full repatriation service to any overseas destination.

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